Education services

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today and betterment of tomorrow.

  • Vocational skill training
  • Computer classroom
  • Educating our elders

Health services

The goal of real healthcare reform must be high-quality, coverage of nooks and corners in a cost effective way.

  • Free health check-up
  • Free medicial camp
  • Free medicine distributions

Self employment

When the occupation of an instructor to children will be deemed the most honorable of human employment.

  • National skill development
  • Women Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship platform

Capacity building

It is time for us to building affordable housing and taking on rural poverty. That's how we leave no one behind.

  • Housing for underprivileged
  • Home for homeless
  • Affordable housing

Key Training Courses

Masala Making Training Course

We conduct the Masala Powder making training program with qualified trainer Professor Mrs. M.VIMALARANI, Asst Professor, Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Science University, Kattupakkam. 120 Self Help Group women participated in this program. At the time of training the reference guide book is issued by free of cost and lunch also was provided. All the women are trained practically. Prof. M.Vimalarani explain and give the demo very briefly how to make and keep this powders.

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Artificial Jewellery Making Training Course

The Artificial Jewelry making training is conducted by CANARA BANK, Circle office. with Mahila Branch, T.Nagar. At the time of training Mr. Krishnakumar, General manager, Canara Bank, Circle Office. Our BHVF self help group women participated in this training. More then 40 women got the full practical training at this time. Canara Bank, circle office arranged all the training materials and also provided the lunch. Mrs. R. Padhma, Senior manager, Canara bank, mahila branch, T.Nagar and the circle office staffs are encouraging the BHVF self help group women at the time of training.

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Ladies Tailoring Training Course

BHARATHA HUMAN VALUE FOUNDATION conducted the regular Training Course for Tailoring. Mrs. Bhakiyalakhsmi is coordinate for this course. She is a well qualified person to conduct this class. More than 40 to 50 Self Help Group Members and Non Members got the training in each batch. After completing this course our founder issued the course completed certificate to every participator. More than 50 students got the jobs and earning in their own areas. 5 to 10 students got the loan to start the own tailoring shop in their premises.

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Free Computer Training Course

Computer Knowledge is a must for all humans for this century. But, the poor downtrodden families are not able to get this knowledge properly, and at the same time these children waste their times in unwanted activities. BHVF is considered this problem and took necessary action to start the computer Training Course in the name of BHVF PAIYLARANGAM. BHVF has conducted Computer Training Courses in Chennai. Various courses are conducted, like Basic Knowledge of Computer, The Professional Course of Computers (D.T.P., M.S. Office, Tally, Photo Shop, and Corel Draw) taken by high qualified trainees are available. Full practical classes also are available. After completing the course successfully, the certificate is issued under the signature of V.I.P. in Tamilnadu. The course fees are very nominal. Class duration is only 3 months. Each class conducted 2 hrs per day. Once the trainee completes the course successfully, BHVF tries to get the job in private companies with good salary or if the trainee wants to start in own business, BHVF is ready to help to get the Bank Loan for starting the own business.

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Ladies Beautician Training Course

BHVF is mainly conducting training programmes for Beautician Course for ladies with Full setup the training room, with air conditioner. Highly qualified and well trained trainer also available in this course. From Basic course to Advance Courses are available in this training centre. All these Training courses are supported by Tamil Nadu Vetnary and animal sciences university, Kattupakkam, Kancheepuram district. Our Founder cum Managing Trustee Mr.P.M.Thanigaivelan issued the certificate for successfully completed students.

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High Tech Food Processing Training (KIOSKS)

KIOSKS machine is a new technical food processing unit. Our Self Help Group Women are getting the training to operate the machines and prepare the foods and to supply to customers. After completing their trainings, our self help group women have started the food processing unit at Ennore Port Trust area. At the time of opening day function, more than 10 V.I.P.s attended the function. This business is going on with good and reasonable profit. The other Self Help Groups members also try to start this business in their area. Our Human Value Foundation is also trying to set up this business for interested women’s Groups in Chennai – Kancheepuram and Thiruvalur District.

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Screen Printing Training Course

Printing business is the best earning business. Bharatha Human Value Foundation conducted the Screen Printing Training for our Self Help Group members. They are getting good training for Fabric Printing – Plastic container Printing – Textile Printing and Paper Printings. After completing this training some self help groups start their own printing units in their areas. They got orders from plastic manufacturing companies, textile companies and so many private business. They are well exposed to – mixing – and method of printings. This business is on low investment and high profitable business.

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Pickles Manufacturing Training Course

The Pickles Manufacturing making training program with qualified trainer Professor Mrs. M.VIMALARANI, Asst Professor, Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Science University, Kattupakkam. 120 Self Help Group women participated in this program. At the time of training the reference guide book is issued by free of cost and lunch also was provided. All the women are trained practically. Prof. M.Vimalarani explain and give the demo very briefly how to make and keep this various pickles manufactured.

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How It Works

  • Choose the right causes

    Do follow your heart and select a causes which touches you the most and enter donor's details in the donation form.

  • Send us your donations

    After you fill up the donation form, now you can make any fund size transfers though our online payment.

  • Get your 80G recipient

    On successful fund transfer we will be delivering your 80G recipient certificate for tax exemption.

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An idealistic group integrated Community Development by empowering the helpless people, through development programs in the community such as preventive, primitive and curative Health service, promotion of literacy and Education, Skill development among youth and Empowerment of women by organizing and economic development among.

Efforts are being made to improve the condition of the downtrodden in an efficient and effective manner through social economical and collective co-operative programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is Bharatha Human Value Foundation?

Bharatha Human Value Foundation is non-profit organization established to promote charity in India. Many NGOs in India are doing exemplary work but lack of effective channels through which they can communicate their cause and raise funds. At the same time, many individuals prefer contribute to NGOs where the funds are spent efficiently, effectively, and for their intended purpose. Bharatha Human Value Foundation aspires to bridge the two by screening the NGOs for their authenticity and provide a platform to showcase their work while providing an easy payment option for those who want to donate.

Q.How does Bharatha Human Value Foundation enlist NGOs?

Bharatha Human Value Foundation conducts thorough screening of NGOs that are listed. Few basic criteria are as follows;

  • NGO must be registered as a non-profit organization.
  • Organization must be working in the identified sectors.
  • Organization must be ready to provide prompt feedback.

Apart from the above the NGOs are evaluated for their project implementation, financials, performance and governance as per the Bharatha Human Value Foundation NGO assessment methodology.

Q.What are tax benefits for the donations I made through Bharatha Human Value Foundation?

All the NGOs listed in Bharatha Human Value Foundation are registered under section 80G of Indian Income-tax act. Hence all your donations are eligible for

  • 50% deduction under section 80G of IT Act
  • 100% deduction under section 35AC of IT Act (only for specific projects e.g. prime ministers National Relief fund)

You should also note that donation in cash is only eligible for tax deductions. Any donations made in kind such as clothes, food etc is not eligible for tax deduction.

Q.Is my donation eligible for TDS?

No, clause 5.4(19) G of CBDT circular 1/2010 dated 11/01/2010 states that while deducting TDS from the salary , the employer need not consider 80G payment of the employee. However, the employee can claim the tax benefit of the donation in his income tax returns separately. The document required to be submitted for claiming tax benefits are, Stamped receipt issued by the recipient organization(NGO) with the mention of registration number under 80G provided by income tax Photo copy of the valid 80G certificate of the organization. For the individuals who donated through payroll, the certificate will be issued in the name of the employer and the tax benefit can be claimed after producing the certificate (provided by the employer) which states that the donation is actually made from employees salary account Please note that the donations should have been made in the same year in which the deduction is sought.

Q.Why shouldn’t I donate directly to an NGO?

Few reasons why donating through Bharatha Human Value Foundation is beneficial for you: Most NGOs who are doing good work in social sector does not have the means to reach a large number of people. Bharatha Human Value Foundation has enlisted number of NGOs working in different sectors; you can go through a large set of causes and donate to your favorite cause. Bharatha Human Value Foundation enlists only NGOs who are doing good work and are efficient. Hence you can be assured that your money is put to good use. Bharatha Human Value Foundation will ensure that the NGO will provide a feedback report within a reasonable period freeing you from any apprehensions about your donation.

Q.Why Bharatha Human Value Foundation donation?

Bharatha Human Value Foundation uses the services of CCAvenue, the payment gateway service provider to facilitate online donations. Currently, the service provider charges anywhere between 1.5% - 4.0% of total donation amount as transaction charges for credit cards and debit cards, netbanking etc. In order to ensure that no additional burden is on the NGOs, you are requested to provide additonal donation to cover these charges so that the NGO’s get the full Gross amount of donations.

The remaining amount is used to reinvest in resources, technology, administration and marketing initiatives for the benefit of you and the NGOs. Bharatha Human Value Foundation shall always strive to bring greater efficiency in the entire chain of operations and progressively reduce the cost of funds.

Q.Why Bharatha Human Value Foundation as there are other organizations doing similar activity for NGOs?

Even though there are multiple organizations involved in online/offline fundraising activities, we at Bharatha Human Value Foundation believe that there is a huge untapped segment of Individuals, Corporates etc, who are willing to donate their time and money to social causes, if they are provided with the opportunity to do so. And also there are many voluntary organizations are unable to showcase their work in the social sector and reach out to donors due to lack of a credible channels. Bharatha Human Value Foundation will work in collaboration with various NGOs to leverage a variety of aspects of charity to bring in something new in fund raising.

Q.Is there any limit for tax exemption on my donations?

If the aggregate of sums donated is more than 10% of the adjusted gross income, the excess amount ceases to be entitled for tax benefit.

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