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Our Trust

We Empower The Helpless People

Bharatha Human Value Foundation is a non government organization working for the protection of the destitute and marginalized society. It was started in the year of 2011 and registered under the Indian Trust Act. It is working in rural areas of Kancheepuram and Thiruvalur and urban areas like in Chennai. Its main aims is to bring sustainable development in the community in a holistic manner. The activities which are implemented also reveal the same. During this year it had taken steps to develop some new initiatives like Women’s Self Help Groups and awareness program's. It has reached out to more beneficiaries compared to the previous years of service. Apart from working in the urban areas it mainly focused the activities in the rural areas to benefit the rural peoples.

An idealistic group integrated community development by empowering the helpless people, through development programs in the community such as preventive, primitive and curative health service, promotion of literacy and education, skill development among youth and empowerment of women by organizing and economic development among. Efforts are being made to improve the condition of the downtrodden in an efficient and effective manner through social economical and collective co-operative programs.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Since 2008 were service with charitable motto for Educational, Medical and social assistance to all Needy people and relief to the downtrodden people, and weaker sections aged women and men.

Our Vision

  • Free Dialysis Centre

  • Free Check up/testing for all types of disease and ECG through our computerized Lab

  • Free Distributions – Jan Aushadhi generic Medicines

  • Affordable homes for every family

Our Managing Trustee

About Founder and Managing Trustee of Bharatha Human Value Foundation

P.M. Thanigaivelan - A senior citizen, was business man. He has some feeling for the poor downtrodden people from the very beginning. He was doing some monies from his earnings as donation to many people individually for their development.

Now, he reduced his business activities a little less. He has gone round various villages and found the difficulties faced by the downtrodden people of the village, had intention in the mind of this P.M. Thanigaivelan. He established Bharatha Human Value Foundation – A trust do good for the people. He has conducted several awareness programs, for the downtrodden people by adopting some villages for their good living.

  • He has made doctors to go over the villages in the form of free medical camps. And free checkup & free medicine distribution.
  • He has made some Sanitation facilities and environment. Implementation of kitchen garden in the targeted areas.
  • 300 of low weight children attained weight appropriate to their age at 4 slums.
  • Above 400 numbers of mothers trained in preparation of nutritious food and practice for these children.
  • General health camps, Eye camps, HIV/AIDS check-up, Drug addition camps conducted and awareness schemes.
  • Formal and non formal education programs were conducted for the rural people.
  • Youth Associations were formed, women associations were formed.
  • The villages to earn good money were given with the guidance to start dairy farm, poultry farm and goat farm, and also glimpses were given to promote medical plantations.

There are made by the promoter of this trust P.M. Thanigaivelan. According to him, his words as “I served, I am serving and I will serve for the people till my life exists. In other word “Service to the People is Service to God”. Known educated people do everything for their selves. But what about poor downtrodden people who will do for them? Why should they get exploited? So, he wanted to give them a hand to come up in their life. As well as finance for their development, he doesn’t have any source right now. If he had he would have adopted so many other villages also. He has some more plans to construct houses for their living along with state and central government aid.

The area, Bharatha Human Value Foundation is covering at Villupuram, Ongur village & Vedanthangal and Arakonam taluk villages, Panapakkam village, Nemiley, Mahenrawadi and some other villages. After obtaining permission from state and central government he wanted add some more villages to construct houses for their living. Like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Scheme. For everything he is in need of money. Presently we established self help groups by the grace of almighty. We pray for the development of Bharatha Human Value Foundation, so that so many down downtrodden will get improved.

Objective of Organization

Long Term

Integrated and sustainable development various areas of Arakkonam backward areas.

Short Term

  • To improve health awareness programs through all villages: ELC centers

  • Free dialysis centre, free check up/testing for all types of disease and ECG through our computerized lab, free medicines distributions – Jan Aushadhi generic medicines

  • Development of unemployed youth through skill and vocational training in selected trades. Placement opportunity for employment.

  • Women and economic development through Formation of SHGs empowerment of women thought awareness, education and training. Income generation activities.

Our Services

We Transform Our Dream Into Reality

Around Chennai city 4 Jan Aushadhi Kendra’s functioning. Nearly 2000 poor people’s benefited by 70% lesser cost of medicines of Jan Aushadhi generic medicines. We conduct eye donation camps, eye testing camps, free Hearing aid spectacles and health awareness programs.

Our immediate target is to open 25 No’s JAN AUSHADHI KENDRA’S for free distributions of generic medicines and 25 No’s dialysis centres and 25

No’s free check – up for all disease testing through our computerized labs. So we humble request your support by donation of funds. We are ready, able willing you’re good, clean. Non – criminal funds banking channel.

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