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Community Health Scheme For Everyone

Although, the principles of the community health program is to strengthen the ability of individuals and to control their own health analyze their own probe and decide the solutions. This healthcare system depends self reliance and it is not a temporary thing but a permanent concrete educational process.

The health workers of Bharatha Human Value Foundation have aimed at the health services, which should contribute towards effective community organization for their betterment. This health scheme improving in specific and in general, the health of the target community getting improved in,

  • Families have access to safe drinking water: 35% of families regularly use boiled water throughout the year is the result. The result of this is about 200 families at 8 targeted schemes have reduced the water iron diseases.

  • Sanitation facilities & environment: In the 4 slums of Arakonam villages improved. 10 additional toilets constructed by Bharatha Human Value Foundation schemes for the use of 700 families. Identified 5 water stagnation sports are leveled through youth. Regular control of mosquitoes to prevent communicable diseases destroying spray at 4 slums of Arakonam.

  • Nutritional status of mother and children improved in Arakonam areas.
    a) 216 families implementation of kitchen garden in some targeted areas.
    b) 300 children of low weight children attained weight appropriate to their age at 4 slums.
    c) 400 mother were trained in preparation of nutritious food and practice for their children.

  • Parents and children have received proper health education (HIV/AIDS, family planning and hygiene).

  • Ensured immunization for children and mother.

  • ANC and PNC services improved and reduced infant mortality and maternal death to NIL.

  • Mother covered regular medical checkup.

Programs like slide dealing with leprosy, skin disease and diarrhea, typhoid. Programs likes puppet show making the superstitious belief in curing the disease, criticizing illicit liquor are effective and enhancing the rural mass.

Medicial camps

General health camps, Eye camps, HIV/AIDS check-up camps, Drug addition camps conducted and awareness schemes and brought to the notice of families residing at about 8 to 9 villages slums and still carrying on in village for their development.

Resource mobilization is not enough by itself. A more comprehensive form of mobilization, which involves calling on all sector of the society to work towards the common goals. For instants, during the mother meeting, ladies association meeting, the mothers, instead of being passive but empowering instruments and channel of expression, including such new style of decision making.

Technical revolution is a principal challenge of the time, which the whole mankind must be really to meet, Scientific and technological progress has become the main factor of economic growth and indispensable condition for implementing a successful social policy. Indian women are facing a number of problems. Which are based on mainly health, education and income. These problems can be reduced with appropriate inputs like scientific technologies to reduce drug and improving their health and environment condition.

If earning power of women increased. Can have a greater say in the families, in addition to the effect on women health is the better nutrition. This will also improve the women status in the society, along with improvement in family condition.

In 12 villages the ladies were organized and the camp was conducted. Resources persons were identified for each technology the camp was conducted for 8 days with the follow up for 2 days.

Objectives of the camp were disclosed to them. To find out the role of scientific technology in women development. To take scientific technology to the rural women and train them adopt it in their daily life. To develop rural technology with the available local resources.

To identify the rural women understands participatory research for the meaning of development. To encourage community self determination and self reliance when community members are involved in the choice and development of new technologies.

By introducing science and technologies the women’s traditional way of living will diminish and they can enjoy the easy way of living by adopting scientific technology. Rural women have talent and skills. But is not properly utilized, as the scientific technology has not reached them. After conducting camp, charcoal, toys making Chakki etc. without would be easily adopted by them, without distributing their way of life. The rural women and girls participate actively in the camps. During the follow up camps they could able to notice that most of the technologies like ball, bearing chakki, charcoal water filter, sheetal pot, weaning food and drip irrigation are being adopted by participants. They could further be trained to create still better impact of technologies and innovation.

The ladies using firewood for cooking faced so many health problems. These problems can be considerably reduced with appropriate inputs like scientific technology like biogas system. The women not need to go to forest or woods and so on. They need not face any insect bites and problems of wild animals. Bharatha Human Value Foundation organized a holiday camp in mahabalipuram for school going and now school children in the age group 10-16 years may 2008 children were selected from poor and economically weaker families and kept a doctor’s certificate during the camp. Which have been issued after having proper medical checkup by medical officer. The children gain ideology about the surrounding situation.

  • Free dialysis centre

  • Free check up/testing for all types of disease and ECG through our computerized Lab

  • Free distributions – Jan Aushadhi generic medicines

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