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Women Entrepreneurship Schemes

To build capacity of poor and disadvantaged women in order that they are enabled to cross all social and economic barriers and there by facilitate their full development in to empowered citizens. To achieve the quality of status of poor women as participating decision makers and beneficiaries in the democratic, economic, social and cultural sphere of life. BHVF motivated and trained 200 women to become a entrepreneur.

Women Empowerment Programmes

Such empowerment of the poor and disadvantaged women would lead to overall improvement that accrue directly to individual women and women’s groups and through ripple-effect benefiting the other poor families in the neighborhood, the community and as a whole in the long run. A man still hesitates to accept a woman as his boss. Financial institutions husband or father before, they lend money to a woman entrepreneur. The trend is completely changed now. Totally women become successful entrepreneurs. Now the Bankers are coming forward to lend women without any men guarantee.

Women attempts to seek quality with men or enter a male dominated are discouraged. The continuous efforts taken by BHVF the trend is completely changed. Now the women started coming forward to start cottage industries and small scale industries.

Consumer Rights Awareness Programmes

Our cultural and Human rights are more or less the same one. We have to accept individual human rights and the human values. This is the base for our democracy. BHVF organized human rights & Anna salai, Senior lawyers have addressed the camps as resource persons. We also organized Dairy, Poultry & Goat farming awareness program of Tamilnadu Animal Husbandry and Research University. More than 200 men & women participated in each programme.

Environment Awareness Programmes

Environment education (EE) is an approach to learning. Not a subject of study. In are through this process that individual and the community gain awareness of their environment and acquire knowledge, skills, experience and the determination to act individually and collectively to solve the environmental problems. BHVF organized three environment awareness camps in triplicane, Pallavan House Mount Road & Tondiarpet.

Bharatha Human Value Foundation is a NON GOVT. organization functioning in Tamilnadu. It has been registered under the India Trust Act 1882 and Public social welfare and charitable purpose under India Income Tax Act 1961. And obtained 12AA, 80G and also Niti Ayok, FCRA. The main object of the trust is creating awareness among the very poor and downtrodden population of the society living in the rural, semi urban and urban areas of the country. The main vision of the trust is to enhance their social, economic, environmental status. This will be possible only by education them by conducting various awareness programs at various locations at village and taluk levels. In this direction the trust has taken the steps in the right direction by Developing self help groups under magalir kuzhu under this scheme About 2500 ladies are taking active part as volunteers and group leaders throughout Tamilnadu.

The trust has now completed successful and constructive five valuable years in its endeavour. The main activities sponsored by the trust includes free eye camps, free medical checkup in villages, women empowerment programs, Consumer rights awareness programs, women entrepreneurial development programs etc.

Under women entrepreneurial development the trust has already trained 200 women to become entrepreneur and start their own small business enterprises. Under women empowerment program the trust has by it efforts created awareness that they can approach financial institutions without the help of the male member of the family. Apart from this as a result of the efforts taken by the trust the banks also have changed their outlook and started helping women for establishing cottage industries. The programs under the head human rights and legal rights senior lawyers have addressed the camps and helped the improvement of awareness among the members. Under environment awareness camps we have enlightened the people about their responsibility towards the society and acquire knowledge, skills, experience and determination to act individually and collectively solve various problems faced by them on day to day basis.

Building Skill Creating Opportunities

Contribute to enhancing the employability of disadvantaged and poor adolescent girls, youth and through vocational & skill training in Omlet villages of Thiruvallur, Villupuram and Kancheepuram & Chennai. For all women self help groups are conducting more than 100 groups for 2000 beneficiaries.

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